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Yimo Latex Neck Pillow|ValueQ Home Care Selection

Yimo Latex Neck Pillow|ValueQ Home Care Selection

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Yimo latex neck pillow

Redefine your healthy sleep

Yimo latex pillow to relieve neck and shoulder pain

Take care of your cervical spine and give you a good night's sleep

Wavy Curve Supporting Comfortable Neck Support

Naturally fit the neck curve, adapt to a variety of sleeping positions, breathe more smoothly

Zoned decompression design

Suitable for all kinds of sleeping positions

Soft rebound, three-dimensional support

The latex pillow is soft and rebounds quickly. After being pressed, it can quickly fit the curve of the head and neck, giving the head and neck full support

Antibacterial and anti-mite, breathable and not stuffy

Internal honeycomb vent hole + circulating air flow slot

The air circulates quickly, keeping it fresh and breathable

One pillow, two heights

One high and one low design, free choice according to personal sleeping habits

Natural frankincense for peace of mind

The latex comes with a light and natural odor, which is non-toxic and harmless to the human body.

Product parameters

Product weight: 1.2kg

Core material: natural latex

Product size: 60*40*10/12cm

Outer material: polyester fiber 100%