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Millet ecological chain hypochlorous acid disinfectant manufacturing machine 80ml
Millet ecological chain hypochlorous acid disinfectant manufacturing machine 80ml

Millet ecological chain hypochlorous acid disinfectant manufacturing machine 80ml

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Product name Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant manufacturing machine

Product model ZS8001

Product Material Bottle PC; Base ABS

Product color white

Power supply voltage 5V/2A

Electrolysis time 3 minutes/time

Product capacity 80ml

Product size 50.5*50.5*167.5mm

Packing size 203*82*55mm

Weight 77g

Executive Standard Q/WP001-2017


1. Disinfectants for external use should not be taken orally and placed in a place where children are not easily exposed to expenditure.

2. Should not be mixed with alcohol, other disinfectants, alkali or organic matter.

3. The self-made disinfection solution of this product is a solution containing chlorine, which can corrode or bleach metals and fabrics.

4. If the product is easy to drink or contact with eyes, it should be rinsed with water immediately. In severe cases, seek medical treatment.

5. Please do not put the body close to the fire source, and it is forbidden to place it in a microwave oven or rice cooker for heating.

6. This product should be stored in a dry, cool, ventilated and dark place.

3 minutes self-made disinfectant, only salt and water

Put a flat spoon of table salt, add tap water, and shake the bottle to mix. After 3 minutes of electrolysis, the production of sodium hypochlorite disinfectant was completed.

One key to start, parents can also easily operateThe bottle is transparent and easy to operate.

Press the bottom start button lightly, the blue breathing light on the bottle body will be in the electrolysis working state. After 3 minutes, the machine will automatically stop working, and the buzzer will beep three times, indicating that the disinfection solution is completed, and then spray disinfection can be performed.

Inactivated virus Efficient sterilization

Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant can effectively sterilize 99.99% of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and other common bacteria to protect the health of family members.

Comes with spray head, spray and disinfect anytime, anywhere

The disinfectant maker and spray head are integrated in design, and can be sprayed and disinfected after electrolysis is completed, and can be sprayed about 400 times.

Small and easy to carry

The capacity of the bottle is 80ml, which is convenient to carry. The disinfectant manufacturing machine can be carried on the plane or high-speed rail, which is suitable for the disinfection needs of home daily use and travel office.

Type-C charging interface

Type-C charging interface supports connection to various devices such as computers, laptops, and mobile power supplies.