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K.SKIN  RF Multi-effect Beauty Instrument KD9900A

K.SKIN RF Multi-effect Beauty Instrument KD9900A

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Product specifications:

Working voltage: 3.7V

Rated power: 3W

Net weight: 212g

Charging power supply: 5V-1A

Product size: 173*43*35mm

Packing size: 207*132*90mm

Color: gold

1. EMS micro current, lifting and tightening

2. RF radio frequency. Effectively stimulate collagen reorganization to achieve skin tightening and reduce wrinkles, with a warm sensation during use

3. Colorful skin care

Functions and Features

Skin care methods

Apply an appropriate amount of beauty lotion or beauty gel on the face, neck and other parts that need to be treated
Move slowly in the direction indicated by the arrow
When using, hold the gold fries in your hand and gently press the beauty tip onto the skin 

1. Cheek operation: move gently from bottom to top from inside to outside along the cheek.

2. Chin operation: Move gently from right to left from left to right along the chin.

3.T care: move up and down along the nose wing and bridge of the nose for 1-2 minutes.

4. Neck care operation: along the side of the face, from the bottom to the bottom of the earlobe, to the neck gentle movement.